• Practice Provider
    Practice Provider From point-of-care to reimbursement, we answer all of the toughest questions in practice management.
  • Medical Billing
    Medical Billing Efficient medical billing is essential to the success of your practice, and we take it just as seriously as you do.
  • Certified Coding
    Certified Coding Our certified medical coders submit accurately coded, properly documented claims to ensure that you receive the maximum reimbursement.
  • Certified Auditing
    Certified Auditing Certified medical auditing services ensure that your practice is receiving the proper amount of reimbursement and that your procedures are meeting all of the necessary requirements to avoid liability.
  • Compliance
    Compliance The risks of non-compliance are too serious to ignore. We develop comprehensive compliance plans that cover every aspect of patient care, from the first encounter with a patient to the submission of a claim.
  • ICD-10
    ICD-10 The ICD-10 code set replaced ICD-9 on October 1, 2015. Is your practice ready?
  • A/R Management
    A/R Management Increase the collection ratio, address aged accounts and see an overall increase in profitability with the help of our skilled account managers.
  • Credentialing
    Credentialing Improper credentialing costs your practice time and money. Our credentialing services protect you from these losses by ensuring that all of your credentials remain up-to-date.
  • Universal Access
    Universal Access Access your practice's data securely anytime, anywhere and on any supported device.
Accurate, efficient medical billing services that maximize your revenue and help to ensure compliance.
Comprehensive practice management services covering all practice operations, from credentialing to risk management.
Innovative healthcare technology and EMR hosting solutions to keep your productivity at its peak.