Practice Management

Physician Credentialing

Proper credentialing ensures that you are enrolled as a participating provider on all of the right insurance plans, which is essential for optimum cash flow. The professionals at Practice Provider are credentialing experts. With our help, you can rest assured that your relationships with carriers are properly maintained at all times. Learn more about Physician Credentialing

Business Operations

Continued growth is the key to reaching your practice's potential. One of the best ways to bring in more business is by adding new revenue streams, such as ancillary services or retail products. Practice Provider will help you explore possible revenue streams and decide whether to implement them. Learn more about Business Operations

Financial Management

The effectiveness of your practice's financial management has a direct impact on its level of profitability. Practice Provider eliminates the problems associated with using incorrect codes, dealing with frequent claim denials, losing money in audits and giving up on overdue accounts. Learn more about Financial Management

Information Management

Your practice collects and processes information all day long. Much of this information is sensitive in nature, and you have a legal responsibility to protect it. In addition, when analyzed properly, the data you collect can also be used to improve your practice overall. Practice Provider can help you manage all of this information safely and effectively. Learn more about Information Management

Quality Management

Improving the quality of your practice's operations boosts your reputation, reduces risk and increases the overall profitability of your practice. With the help of the experts at Practice Provider, you can quantify and evaluate the quality of the services you provide and strive toward defined performance objectives. Learn more about Quality Management

Risk Management

With all of the laws, regulations, guidelines and rules that apply to the operation of healthcare facilities, running a medical practice always involves a certain amount of risk. To protect your practice from revenue loss, legal penalties and other problems, you must minimize this risk as much as possible. Learn more about Risk Management

Pay for Performance Programs

Many insurers and payers, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, are now offering optional pay-for-performance programs to healthcare providers. If you choose to participate in one or more of these programs, you will have the opportunity to earn additional compensation on top of your base pay when the quality of the patient care you provide meets certain standards. Practice Provider can help you meet these standards and maximize the benefit of participating in pay-for-performance programs. Learn more about Pay for Performance Programs