Recently there has been a lot of news about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) also referred to as Electronic Health Records (EHR). In this market where vendors are rushing into with new untested products MicroMD EMR is a mature stable product that is time proven to be reliable and feature rich.

MicroMD EMR enables your practice to do more than just go paperless:

  • Efficient Clinical and Administrative Workflow
  • Advance patient care
  • Enhance Productivity


MicroMD EMR clinical dashboard puts relevant information at your fingertips during patient encounters – enabling you to see important patient information at a glance. Each practitioner can have multiple customized dashboard layouts.

Clinical Documentation

MicroMD EMR enables you to utilize a combination of documentation and annotation methods that best suite you and your practice:

  • Text – emulate your paper charts with text and/or handwriting
  • Graphical – easily mark-up image templates
  • Wizards – Point-and-click through clinical pathways during encounters
  • SOAP – Use the combination of standard and/or customized templates

Evaluation and Management

MicroMD EMR makes billing for the rendered services easy while at the same time reducing overbilling risks. As you create clinical documentation the E&M calculator evalutes coding – precluding undercoding while providing reimbursement maximization.

Healthcare Protocols

Ensure that your patient's health protocols are followed – know that your patients are getting the care they need when they need. Implement protocols in MicroMD EMR for:

  • National Protocols
  • Pay-for-Performance
  • Practice Specific
  • Specialty Specific
  • Patient Specfic

Clinical Workflow

MicroMD EMR gives you a bird's eye view of your practice's operational processes, enabling you to see a glance tasks and the task status throughout your practice. Efficiently manage workflow tasks such as:

  • Lab result review
  • Signing encounters
  • Order tracking
  • Prescription authorization
  • Reminders
  • Staff Communication
  • And more

Administrative Workflow

MicroMD EMR utilizes standard system interfaces that enable it to seamlessly integrate with MicroMD Practice Management or your existing practice management system, eliminating redundant data entry and making up to minute patient information available.

Find Out More

Practice Provider has the expertise to assist your practice with your MicroMD EMR implementation. Call us today for a demonstration to see how MicroMD EMR can help your practice reduce administrative over head, reduce costs, streamline workflow, adapt to your practice’s policies and procedures and maximize reimbursements.