The capture of accurate data and appropriate documentation is the basis of the CDI initiative. CDI offers an opportunity to improve patient quality of care and advance coding and maximize reimbursement within your practice. CDI will become increasingly important as the healthcare industry moves toward value based care.

CDI ensures that all services in a patient encounter are captured in the medical record, and documented accurately utilizing the correct CPT and ICD-10 codes. Coding accurately is key, as this data is reported to insurance carriers, public health agencies and other data gathering entities which use it in many different ways including:

  1. Quality Reporting
  2. Reimbursement
  3. Physician Evaluations and Reviews
  4. Disease Tracking and Trending


Practice Provider has the ability to implement a CDI program within your practice. The staff of Practice Provider has certified coding and documentation experts and Certified Risk Coders that can evaluate your coding practices through code analysis to ensure the practice is capturing all services and coding accurately.

The outcome of a successful CDI program will ensure that you are providing the highest level of patient care while receiving the maximum reimbursement possible for your services. Practice Provider will utilize this data for the CMS quality payment program initiatives to ensure your practice has a successful, positive outcome in all future initiatives.